Has anyone taken an online craft course? Do they work?

I’ve taken a few, and plan to take more. Most have been very useful, particularly those that provided backup material and online contact with the teacher and other learners.

If you are interested, there are many craft videos on Youtube that you could follow, just to see what it might be like.

One thing that I learned is that, while I’m a very visual learner, I’m not a particularly good ‘video’ learner. I prefer to learn from diagrams and images, not from someone talking and moving at the same time, with the camera not quite centred on the activity, and shadows and what-not getting in the way. So for me, having backup materials is vital.

One of the big advantages of video is of course that you can run the video again and again. Not so easy to persuade a real-life instructor to repeat that move 50 times until you get it!


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