Is it possible that Northern Ireland could stay in the EU and at the same time keep being a part of the United Kingdom?

I am looking for solution of the problem of having border dividing again island of Ireland.

Northern Ireland, as part of the UK, will be leaving the EU. There’s no way around that. The EU today has indicated that Northern Ireland would automatically get EU membership as part of a united Ireland, but that is some way off. There would need to be strong evidence that Northern Ireland voters want a united Ireland (maybe after the Tories can’t seem to find the cash to replace NI’s EU subsidies after Brexit?), followed by a referendum, followed by whatever negotiations and transitional arrangements are necessary, etc., etc. It won’t be soon, and it won’t be quick.

Brexit means that there ought to be a customs border, and a travel border for EU and RoW travellers entering Northern Ireland from the Republic. Much has been suggested regarding how this can be achieved without plunging the province into terrorism again, such as using traffic cameras for customs control and having the travel border between GB and the island of Ireland. So far, there are no good solutions and no solid plans.


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