How do Northern Irish protestants feel about the increasing likelihood of a united Ireland after Brexit?

The old guard, those who lived through the Troubles and were involved at some level in sectarianism, are crapping themselves in private, and publicly trying to pretend that a united Ireland will never happen, that Mother Britain will never abandon her red-headed stepchild. Rather like the Protestants of Donegal, almost a century ago, just before they found themselves in the Irish Free State.

The younger generation – at least, those that managed to avoid the sectarian brainwashing from their elders – don’t mind one way or another. Some would actively welcome the change.

Those are the broad strokes. There are some older people who view UI with equanimity, and some younger people who think that Ulster will continue to say no. There’s also a variation in attitudes to UI with education level, and with experience of living outside NI.

OTOH, I know some very bitter, elderly, pro-Brexit, unionist-voting Protestants who would actually like to vote Sinn Fein, if only a certain SF candidate were running.

Takes all sorts, so it does.


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