With Brexit does the EU really have more to lose than Great Britain?

I’m aware of the bias of the source. Regardless, is this claim in any way defensible?

From a negotiating perceptive, the EU has far more to lose than the UK. Great Britain is in a much better negotiating position.

Oh, la. So funny…

Britain’s membership fee is the only thing mentioned, and frankly our £8bn net contribution is neither here nor there in the EU’s budget. It’s about 6% annually: roughly the annual cost of admin, or of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation project, but that’s it. No biggie.

What the ‘nuclear option’ also entails is the UK welshing on contributions to which it has already agreed, the so-called ‘divorce settlement’. This covers things like paying towards Farage’s MEP pension, for example. But I’m sure he’ll be happy to forego his pension as the price of ‘bringin back are souvenirty !!!!!’. Not.

It will be rough adjusting to WTO rules if everything goes well. Crashing out could send our economy into a tailspin. We’re still on an austerity footing from the last recession, and we cannot afford the nuclear option. We might even drag the global economy down with us.

Imagine how popular that would make us with those markets we’re hoping to trade with as an independent nation. For that matter, even supposing the nuclear option didn’t have the disastrous consequences I’ve outlined: would you rush to sign a business deal with someone who’s just walked out of a major contract without fulfilling their end of the bargain?

I’m really hoping this is just silly posturing on the UK side, like a boxers’ face-off before the fight, and that they won’t simply flounce off in a hissy fit before they even get in the ring.


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