How can I like math?

You need to break the negative connection. This takes time, but one way to kickstart the break is to lie to yourself.

  • Every time you think of maths, SMILE.
  • Remember something awesome that happened to you (it doesn’t need to be related to maths)
  • When you’re brushing your teeth, look into the mirror and say “I LOVE maths”, like it’s your biggest crush.
  • Before you go into maths class, take a big deep breath and SMILE. Think of something funny – a joke, or whatever.

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? How can you change your feelings just by smiling and thinking about happy things?

Actually, we don’t know whether our feelings are the result of our experiences, or if our feelings create the experiences. Say you’re in an accident, and you feel frightened. Are you feeling frightened because your heart is racing (a normal result of hormonal activity under the circumstances), or is your heart racing because you’re frightened?

Do you dislike maths because it’s hard – or is it hard because you dislike it?

If you can trick yourself into feeling happy and confident around maths, you will be much more relaxed and open to new experiences.

Happiness + Confidence = Success.



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