What if Ireland remained part of the British Empire?

You know, the idea that Ireland might, in some parallel universe, have remained part of the UK (NB: not Empire) is so bizarre that I’m having real trouble considering it. And I’m a pretty imaginative person. Zombies? Fine. Aliens? Gotcha – I’ll even work with lifeforms we might not recognise as such. Matriarchal society? Easy-peasy.

I guess that puts paid to the multiverse theory…

If… no, that couldn’t happen.

Well, there’s… ah no. Not a chance.

How about…No. A thousand times no.

The best I can come up with is some kind of Israeli-Palestinian scenario, where any serious unionist/loyalists would have relocated to GB, though there might be a few heavily-policed enclaves.

However, I’m not sure if Britain could have won WWII, fighting on two fronts (Ireland and Germany) from the get-go. The US would presumably still have got involved, thanks to Pearl Harbour, and the Nazis would probably have been defeated by the US and USSR. The whole character of the postwar world could be different. The USSR could well have rolled over all of Europe, and therefore owns all Europe’s colonial possessions in Asia, Africa, etc. The US, only a superpower by virtue of its geographical isolation, would keep its head down and a watchful eye on Soviet Canada. There might not even be an Israel. Of course, the Soviets wouldn’t put up with Irish terrorism or independence demands, so the Israeli-Palestinian scenario above would probably have been crushed early on.




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